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Historic Flags and Other Unique Treasures
Historic Flags Maps and Other Unique Treasures

Hallmarks of Our Texas Spirit
For over thirty years we have been providing outstanding selections reflecting the rich heritage of the Lone Star State to discerning clients from all over the world. The handcrafted historic flag recreations produced in our gallery adorn the offices and boardrooms of distinguished Texans and are displayed in the Texas State Capitol, Bullock Texas State History Museum, Universities and Court Houses throughout the state.


Unique Additions to Any Space
Our richly detailed flags are keepsakes that make stunning additions to homes, offices, board rooms and public areas. more...

The unique history of Texas has produced heroic leaders and truly epic stories. The flags carried in the fight for a free Texas and the independent Republic of Texas shine as hallmarks for the can-do spirit known throughtout the world as uniquely Texan.

First Flag of Texas Republic
Antique 19th Century Maps and Documents
Antique 19th Century Replica
Maps & Documents

Choose from the largest range of original and replica 19th century maps of Texas available anywhere. Click here for more Antique 19th Century Replica Maps & Documents...
Texas Flag Roundup: Top Requests
Texas Alamo Flag, 1824
Alamo Flag
45"x31"Framed (Premier)
25"x18"Framed (Collector)

First Flag of Republic, Texas
First Flag of the Republic
45"x31"Framed (Premier)
25"x18"Framed (Collector)

Third Flag of Republic, Texas
Third Flag of the Republic
45"x31"Framed (Premier)
25"x18"Framed (Collector)

Gallery of the Republic

Vintage Maps of Texas
The Gallery of the Republic also specializes in vintage maps of Texas that trace the history from the earliest explorers though the proud years of the Republic of Texas to the dynamic early years of Statehood. We have helped build collections of rare and unusual original maps and documents for discerning collectors and public facilities.

Our Unconditional Guarantee
We guarantee 100% complete satisfaction on delivery as well as offering our "Open-Ended Policy" where you may always exchange any selection–without a time limit.

Deep in the Heart of Texas
We have two locations in the Austin area. Giddyup.

Best Sellers

Gonzales Flag

Teddy Roosevelt

Texas Rangers

Republic of Texas
Flag & Map Print

Travis Letter from
the Alamo with Matching Transcript

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