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Early Texas Land Grants, Map
Map of The Early Texas Land Grants

Circa 1836, The First Year of Texas Indepedence
This map of the earliest settlements in Texas was issued in 1836, the first year of Texas' Independence. Drawn by E.F. Lee and published as part of David B. Edward's The History of Texas, or the Emigrant's Farmer's and Politician's Guide, the map contains excellent detail of the first land grants.

To encourage development, the Mexican government licensed promoters, called empresarios, to attract settlers to Texas. Each empresario was given a specific area or grant and contracted with the government to introduce a certain number of families into his area within 6 years. Each family moving into the colony could receive approximately 4,500 acres. All of the land, including the areas not used belonged to the government and not the empresario, but he would receive a premium of approximately 22, 000 acres for all of his work if at least 100 people settled his grant.

Interesting notations about the area of Texas such as Buffalo in the west and Droves of Wild Horses in the south as well as Silver Mines and Crystalizing Salt Lakes are also included. Detailed towns, roads and topographic features add to this very important map of the Newly Independent Texas.

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