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Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders Flag

The 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry, known throughout the world as the Rough Riders, was one of the most legendary volunteer fighting forces in American History. The Rough Riders were composed of a wide variety of young men with backgrounds and interests as diverse as the man who brought them all together – Theodore Roosevelt. The volunteer unit consisted of bold men from the western frontier as well as miners, cowboys, preachers, tradesmen, writers, professors, athletes, clergymen and even Native Americans from all forty five states (that made up America at the time). They each had different reasons for joining, but all had to be skilled horsemen and riflemen. When word spread that Teddy Roosevelt and Colonel Leonard Wood were raising a regiment, young men from across the United States appeared to volunteer. Over twenty-three hundred men volunteered to be one of Teddy Roosevelt’s coveted Rough Riders on the first day. Only a select few were chosen.

The 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry was mustered into service for several weeks in May 1898 in various locations across Texas, New Mexico as well as the Arizona and Indian Territories. At the time of muster, the volunteer unit consisted of 994 enlisted men and 47 officers. The unique qualities of the regiment, as well as the infectious energy of Teddy Roosevelt and his talent for public relations brought the Rough Riders great publicity even before they were able to prove their skills in battle. As most Texans are aware, the bar at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio was where Teddy Roosevelt organized his famous fighting men.

In Cuba, at the famous San Juan and Kettle Hills the regiment proved its worth and truly lived up to all of the publicity it had already received. For his leadership in the assault at the Kettle and San Juan Hills, Teddy Roosevelt was eventually awarded the Medal of Honor (an honor he truly earned, but which, for political reasons, he would not receive until over eighty years after his death).

Teddy Roosevelt’s legendary Rough Riders existed for only 133 days but earned a lasting place in the history of the United States. Few groups that were so short lived have made such an impression in the hearts and minds of Americans.

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