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Whiskey Rebellion Flag, 1794
The Whiskey Rebellion Flag, 1794

To finance the new country the Federal government imposed an excise tax on distilled spirits. Many farmers sold their products, including whiskey, for cash and resented the "income tax" on their work. Since coins and currency were scarce, whiskey also served as an important medium of exchange in the commerce of bartering. In Western Pennsylvania the farmers refused to pay the tax and attacked the collectors sent from the government. Historians believe that this flag was used in the brief protest, which ended when General Washington called out 15,000 militia men from 5 states.

Some early flags used six-pointed stars, which had been the traditional motif for centuries of European heraldic designs. Many of the coins minted in America throughout the 19th century are decorated with six-pointed stars. Like many flags, this example was hastily painted to meet the sudden needs of an inspired group.

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